Contractor Faq

Contractor FAQ


Q: What is BrightMinds?

BrightMinds Software Inc. was founded in 1997 and has provided IT Professional Services to:

  • Small private through large public companies in Canada and the USA
  • Select high-end clients and partners (including Fortune 100/500)
  • Municipal, provincial and federal government agencies in Canada
Q: Why BrightMinds?

BrightMinds has extensive experience providing Professional Services (PS) on numerous high-profile short and long term projects and escalations for many clients and partners in Canada and the USA.

BrightMinds has a highly experienced IT contracting core and understands that success requires:

Q: What are our specialties?

BrightMinds specializes in providing IT Professional Services in:

  • Oracle / Oracle-Sun / IBM / CA / Novell Identity Management
  • Reverse Proxy / HA / LB / DR / LDAP Specialists
  • Solutions / Enterprise / Java / Database / Systems Architecture
  • Enterprise Java / Web / SOA / Mobile Development
  • Web / Server / UNIX / Linux / Systems and DB Administration
  • Quality Assurance, Performance and Test Engineering
  • Program / Project / Engagement Management

Furthermore, although our consultants are skilled in Microsoft Suites/Tools and Microsoft interoperability, due to non cross-platform primary focus the following is outside our direct service offerings:

  • Microsoft Identity Management
  • Microsoft .NET Architecture and Development
  • Microsoft Product Stacks (e.g. SharePoint, Small Business Server)
Q: What is the 2=Connect platform?

A unique software platform that is highly automated and fuels our contractor supply chains thereby allowing us to focus on our clients and partners.

The platform drives the BrightMinds Referrer program for IT contractor and service lead referrals by allowing anyone (including IT contractors) to sign-up (for FREE) and generate significant passive income by simply inviting IT contractor friends, colleague or co-workers to connect with BrightMinds.

Are you an IT contractor and in need of an invite? Ask a BrightMinds Authorized Referrer

Q: What are our programs?

BrightMinds offers the BrightMinds Mind-Body Program to its active contractors.

BrightMinds also offers a unique and generous BrightMinds Referrer Program to referrers.
Anyone who knows anyone in IT can sign-up to become a BrightMinds Referrer.

Q: Who are our clients?

BrightMinds's clients include public (Fortune 100/500), private and government in Canada and the USA.

Q: Where are we located?

BrightMinds is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, with offices in Montreal, Quebec.

Our IT contractor / consultant network is geographically dispersed across Canada and the USA.


Q: Why we believe that contracting can be different?
  • We believe in Remote Work, Family, Health, Passive Income and Mentoring for all contractors.
  • We have developed an entire business model that revolves around contracts and contractors.
  • We strive to pay contractor referrer fees as it is a win-win and provides passive income streams.
  • We offer the BrightMinds Mind-Body program to active contractors to reduce stress and promote health.
  • We designed the BrightMinds 2≡Connect platform so contractors can easily become referrers and reap the rewards of passive income like BrightMinds Referrers (that refer contractors or service leads).
Q: Why do I need an invite to connect?

BrightMinds is looking for people to refer people they know and we want to reward them for it.

It's personalized, we are all about relationships, and it avoids cold leads, spam or junk mail.

Q: How do I get an invite to connect?

Simply connect with BrightMinds via an invite from any BrightMinds Referrer.

However, if you are an IT contractor and do not have an invite then simply connect with any of our BrightMinds Authorized Referrers on LinkedIn and include the following message:

  • Need a BrightMinds IT contractor invite

If you appear qualified, they will accept your invitation and they will, in turn, generate a contractor invite as they will have your full name and email address.

However, if your email address is not directly visible to your first level LinkedIn connections, you will need to provide this information before they can generate the invite.

Q: Why leverage LinkedIn at all?

Linkedin is an incredibly successful social network for IT professionals.

BrightMinds eliminates or reduces unwanted cold leads, spam or junk mail by leveraging LinkedIn.

In turn, BrightMinds can focus more on our core business of contractors and contracting.

Q: Who is BrightMinds looking for?

We are constantly looking for IT contractors / consultants in:

  • Oracle / Oracle-Sun / IBM / CA / Novell Identity Management
  • Reverse Proxy / HA / LB / DR / LDAP / JVM Specialists
  • Solutions / Enterprise / Java / Database / Systems Architecture
  • Enterprise Java / J2EE / Web / SOA / Mobile Development
  • Web / Server / UNIX / Linux / Systems and DB Administration
  • Quality Assurance / Testing / Performance / Tuning
  • Program / Project / Engagement Management

We are not in need of consultants with only these skills (though tools and interoperability are important):

  • Microsoft Identity Management
  • Microsoft .NET Architecture and Development
  • Microsoft Product Stacks (e.g. SharePoint, Small Business Server)

In addition, the following are mandatory requirements:

  • Fluency in English is a must. French may be required (or mandatory). Other language(s) beneficial.
  • Permanent residence or citizenship status in Canada or the Unites States and able to work in that country.
  • A corporation for the IT contractor to sub-contract through to BrightMinds.

In addition, the following are beneficial requirements:

  • Excellent communication skills (oral and documentation).
  • Ability to work independently or lead or work in teams.
Q: How much experience should I have?

BrightMinds is open to contractors of varying experience levels however it is typically easier and quicker to engage more experienced contractors with our clients and partners.

Ideally, we are looking for high-level performers known by their peers to be "rock stars” in their, and our, area(s) of expertise (see Who is BrightMinds looking for?).

Q: Why contract through BrightMinds?

Because you want to work for an organization that is:

  • Built by seasoned IT Professional Service contractors.
  • Focused on "People helping People through IT.
  • Focused on win-win for all and long-term relationships.
  • Invested in a custom platform to afford passive income.
  • Capable of mentoring unlike typical body shop recruiting firms.

In fact, we designed the BrightMinds 2≡Connect platform so contractors can easily reap the rewards of passive income as BrightMinds Referrers by working less and earning greater passive vs. active income.

Q: Why the emphasis on family if I am single?

We refer to "family" in the general sense and want to be respectful to all.

Your family may include a partner, children, parents, friends, etc....

Q: I just connected. What do we recommend?

We look forwarding to offering you contracting opportunities. However, we first need to review your profile.

We recommend the following:

  • Upload your resume: It is quick and easy. This is the single most important thing we need so that we can review your profile and qualify your candidacy for upcoming opportunities.
  • Upload a profile photo: It is also quick and easy. However, while it is optional to perform it allows us to put a face to a profile and is helpful during our review process and in establishing a long term relationship.
  • Complete your profile: Are you interested in full-time? Working remote? Want to supply a phone number and more complete business address? All of these things are important for us to understand your needs.
  • Strongly consider becoming a referrer: Referring can earn you significant passive income and is simple to sign-up, using the sign-up link you received or from within the Home page of your account. Why? Because contractors typically earn 100% active income. Over time you want to ideally shift to earning 100% passive income. You can earn 4% to 6% of contractor bill rates you refer.
  • Keep your profile updated: That new skill or job you just finished could help you land our next contract.


Q: Does BrightMinds contract individuals?

No. Contractors must be incorporated.

Although this does create some overhead for the contractor, it is the most sensible approach for all.

Q: Are there any permanent positions available?

No. All work is currently contract based.

BrightMinds may however approach repeat IT contractors to establish an employment relationship.

Q: Are contracts for full or part-time work?

Most contracts are for full-time work, with varying durations, as required by our clients and partners.

However, there are select cases that can afford part-time work (e.g. support, maintenance, etc...).

Q: Are contracts on-site or remote work?

Our primary goal is to allow all contractors the ability to work 100% remote (at your home or office).

As such, we strive for entire projects or extended periods of time, of remote work, as being on-site for 100% of the duration of a contract is largely unnecessary and takes a toll on the contractor and their family.

Many recruiting firms strive for 100% on-site because it aligns to a body shop perspective that isn't necessarily in the best interest of the project, contractor or client.

However, IT contracting typically involves, or requires, an initial / short on-site period to discuss / review the service at hand and to connect and develop a rapport with the client and their team(s).

Lastly, some contracts or roles that are focused on a hands-on team environment logically must be performed largely, if not entirely, on-site (e.g. Lead Developer, Project Manager, etc...).

Q: Will BrightMinds engage me for an opportunity?

After a contractor connects with BrightMinds their resume and other credentials are reviewed.

Upon successful review BrightMinds will proceed to match qualifications with client and partner needs.

Q: Will BrightMinds hire me as an employee?

As with any successful relationship, BrightMinds may offer you an employment opportunity down the road.

Q: Is a BrightMinds or client interview required?

Yes, you will be contacted for an interview should your qualifications match a current or potential contract.

Typically, a client interview is required to engage in a any Professional Services contract.

Q: How will BrightMinds pay me?

Payments are by corporate cheque as per terms of BrightMinds' Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA).

Once an opportunity match is available you will be provided a contract to review and sign.

Q: Where are our clients located?

BrightMinds' clients and partners are located in Canada and the USA.

BrightMinds leverages provisions of NAFTA to allow IT contractors to conduct business to or from the USA.
Furthermore, we assist all qualifying IT contractors in obtaining the appropriate VISA where one is required.


Q: What is the BrightMinds Mind-Body Program?

The BrightMinds Mind-Body Program is offered to all active contractors to reduce stress and promote health.

It allows any contractor who is engaged in full time contracting to claim $30 each (for themselves and optionally their partner), per month, towards yoga classes, gym membership or any other fitness class.

BrightMinds believes that increased physical health leads to increased mental health, and is a win-win for not only the individual, but also for their family, friends and even our clients.

Q: What is the BrightMinds Referrer Program?

The BrightMinds Referrer Program is "open" to anyone to provide passive income in exchange for an IT contractor or service lead referral.

Anyone can potentially earn thousands of dollars per year, in passive income, simply by inviting their friends, colleagues, or social network connections to connect with BrightMinds and engage in active contracts.

We designed the BrightMinds 2≡Connect platform so that referrers can sign-up for FREE and track and follow the progression of their invites, connections and referrer payments due to them 24/7.

BrightMinds believes that passive vs. active income is important to all, as it allows people to work less, and spend more time with family, friends, etc... or simply doing what they enjoy in life.

Q: What is the compensation under the referrer program?

A referrer fee based on each hour that a contractor works on a BrightMinds contract:

  • 4% of the contractor's bill rate for a referred contractor
  • 2% of each contractor's bill rates for a referred service lead

As a bonus to contractors only, the referrer fee will be increased by 50% if, during a fiscal quarter, he / she works 20 cumulative days under a BrightMinds contract. These additional amounts however are subject to constraints with respect to caps and splits as outlined in the BrightMinds Referrer Agreement.

Referrer fees will be paid by cheque, sent through regular mail, within 1 month following the end of each fiscal quarter, provided that client has paid BrightMinds.

Please refer to the BrightMinds Referrer Agreement for full details and terms.

Lastly, please note that terms of this agreement are subject to revision or update at any time without notice.

Q: As a contractor can I earn referrer income?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage you to sign-up as a BrightMinds Referrer as well to earn passive income.

The easiest and most convenient way to become a BrightMinds Referrer is to either:

  • Sign-in to your account and simply follow the sign-up link on the Home page
  • Sign-up via the passive income email we sent you when you connected as a contractor

You can also perform a cold sign-up however you will need to re-enter previously supplied information.

Q: Can I refer myself through BrightMinds?

No, as this goes against the spirit of the program.

We believe in rewarding referrers for sharing their connections.

Q: Can a family member or spouse/partner refer me?

Yes, as long as you are not living at the same address.

Referrer fees will not be paid to referrers living at the same address as a contractor.

Q: Do I need to have a recruiting background to be a referrer?

No. You just need to know IT contractors that may be interested in connecting with BrightMinds.

As a contractor you are ideally suited to refer friends, colleagues, etc... and earn passive income.

Q: Why should I sign-up as a referrer?

Because sign-up is FREE, takes little effort and you have the potential of earning significant passive income by leveraging the people you know or work with in IT.

Q: Can I get more answers on referrer payments?

The Payment section of the Referrer FAQ provides answers to questions on referrer payments.


Q: How much am I paid?

When you connect with BrightMinds, you will be required to enter your preferred and minimum acceptable rate for up to 4 roles. We will always strive to offer contractors their preferred rate or best rate that is in-line with the contract rate.

However, please keep in mind contractors are only considered for positions that meet their minimum rate.
Therefore it is in your best interest to only specify rates that you are entirely comfortable with accepting.

Lastly, keep in mind when you are paid that as a contractor you are responsible for all insurance, pension, tax, health, liability, etc... premiums and payments in addition to forwarding such payments as appropriate, directly to the appropriate government agencies.

Q: What is a good rate?

That depends on many factors including, but not limited to: your experience, your expectations, your location, the client's needs, the client's budget, the client's location, remote or on-site work, etc....

We typically target on-site rates and work from there. Rates may be slightly lower if working remotely.
Therefore it is in your best interest to only specify rates that you are entirely comfortable with accepting.

Lastly, keep in mind when formulating your rate that as a contractor you are responsible for all insurance, pension, tax, health, liability, etc... premiums and payments in addition to forwarding such payments as appropriate, directly to the appropriate government agencies.

Q: Do rates include travel expenses?

No. Travel expenses are reimbursed separately according to project specific guidelines.
If a blended rate that includes travel is required by a client it will be negotiated separately.

As a contractor you are also responsible for all insurance, pension, tax, health, liability, etc... premiums and payments in addition to forwarding such payments as appropriate, directly to the appropriate government agencies.

Q: What currency will I be paid in?

For contracts where the client requiring services is located in:

  • Canada: payments for both Time and Expenses (if any) are in $CAD
  • USA: payments for both Time and Expenses (if any) are in $USD

Although we process both $CAD and $USD currencies the above rule simplifies matters for our clients.

Q: Do referrer fees affect my rate?

No. You will always be paid an extremely competitive rate that you largely define.

Referrer fees are removed from BrightMinds’ margins only, not your rate.

Passive Income

Q: What is passive income?

As a contractor you typically earn 100% active income by being paid for each hour you work.

Passive income is a source of income that is earned without you having to work hourly for it.

Q: Why is passive income important?

Unlike traditional retirement typically through active income, once your level of passive income equals or exceeds your expenses you are in a position to retire. This could happen at any age.

Q: Why would I want passive income?

Because it makes life more enjoyable by allowing you to spend more time doing things other than working.

Depending on the amount of passive income you earn it may allow you to retire earlier.


Q: Where can I find the BrightMinds Privacy Policy?

Please refer to the full text of the BrightMinds Privacy Policy.

Q: If I connect, is my personal information private?

Yes, your personal information will be kept private.

However, in order to place you on a BrightMinds contract, we may need to share business or personal information with clients or partners.

Prior to asking your consent to do so, BrightMinds will only disclose information that does not personally identify you (non-personal information) so as to qualify your candidacy for an opportunity.

Q: Why am I not asked for more information when I connect?

BrightMinds believes in retaining minimal information by only requesting information when necessary.

However, after connecting, it is strongly suggested all contractors sign-in to upload their resume, supply a profile photo and update their personal business information.

We will contact you to request additional information as it is required to process your candidacy and engage in contracting opportunities.

Q: Will my personal information ever get on a mailing list?

No. BrightMinds will only send a "one-time" invite to each contractor.

Only if someone connects will we communicate with them for contract/business related purposes.

Q: Will my personal information ever be sold to a 3rd party?

No. BrightMinds does not and will never subscribe to this type of business practice.