Service Faq

Service FAQ


Q: What is BrightMinds?

BrightMinds Software Inc. was founded in 1997 and has provided IT Professional Services to:

  • Small private through large public companies in Canada and the USA
  • Select high-end clients and partners (including Fortune 100/500)
  • Municipal, provincial and federal government agencies in Canada
Q: Why BrightMinds?

BrightMinds has extensive experience providing Professional Services (PS) on numerous high-profile short and long term projects and escalations for many clients and partners in Canada and the USA.

BrightMinds has a highly experienced IT contracting core and understands that success requires:

Q: What are our specialties?

BrightMinds specializes in providing IT Professional Services in:

  • Oracle / Oracle-Sun / IBM / CA / Novell Identity Management
  • Reverse Proxy / HA / LB / DR / LDAP Specialists
  • Solutions / Enterprise / Java / Database / Systems Architecture
  • Enterprise Java / Web / SOA / Mobile Development
  • Web / Server / UNIX / Linux / Systems and DB Administration
  • Quality Assurance, Performance and Test Engineering
  • Program / Project / Engagement Management

Furthermore, although our consultants are skilled in Microsoft Suites/Tools and Microsoft interoperability, due to non cross-platform primary focus the following is outside our direct service offerings:

  • Microsoft Identity Management
  • Microsoft .NET Architecture and Development
  • Microsoft Product Stacks (e.g. SharePoint, Small Business Server)
Q: What is the 2=Connect platform?

A unique software platform that is highly automated and fuels our contractor supply chains thereby allowing us to focus on our clients and partners.

The platform drives the BrightMinds Referrer program for IT contractor and service lead referrals by allowing anyone (including IT contractors) to sign-up (for FREE) and generate significant passive income by simply inviting IT contractor friends, colleague or co-workers to connect with BrightMinds.

Are you an IT contractor and in need of an invite? Ask a BrightMinds Authorized Referrer

Q: What are our programs?

BrightMinds offers the BrightMinds Mind-Body Program to its active contractors.

BrightMinds also offers a unique and generous BrightMinds Referrer Program to referrers.
Anyone who knows anyone in IT can sign-up to become a BrightMinds Referrer.

Q: Who are our clients?

BrightMinds's clients include public (Fortune 100/500), private and government in Canada and the USA.

Q: Where are we located?

BrightMinds is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, with offices in Montreal, Quebec.

Our IT contractor / consultant network is geographically dispersed across Canada and the USA.


Q: Why we believe that professional services can be different?
Q: What currency will I be invoiced in?

For contracts where the client requiring services is located in:

  • Canada: invoicing is in $CAD
  • USA: invoicing is in $USD

Although we process both $CAD and $USD currencies the above rule simplifies matters for our clients.


Q: Where do we provide services?

BrightMinds provides services in Canada and the USA.

Q: How do we provide services in the USA?

For clients in the USA, BrightMinds either leverages:

  • NAFTA to allow Canadian IT contractors to conduct business in the USA via partners in the USA, or
  • US IT contractors to conduct business in the USA via partners in the USA

BrightMinds ensures full compliance with applicable law and makes the process transparent to the client.

Q: Will contractors work on-site or remote?

Our primary goal is the success of each and every project, and as such we strive for entire projects or extended periods of time, of remote work beyond an initial / short on-site period to discuss / review the service at hand and to connect and develop a rapport with the client and their team(s).

We strive for contractors to work 100% remote vs. being on-site for 100% of the duration of a contract as:

  • The #1 priority is that the works is completed at the highest standards
  • VPN, IM, Email and Cellular are leveraged regardless of on-site / off-site
  • Travel incurs additional client expense and primarily benefits travel industry
  • Travel takes a toll on the contractor and their family making them less effective

In fact, many recruiting firms strive for 100% on-site because it aligns to a body shop perspective that isn't necessarily in the best interest of the project, contractor or you, the client.

Lastly, some contracts or roles that are focused on a hands-on team environment logically must be performed largely, if not entirely, on-site (e.g. Lead Developer, Project Manager, etc...).


Q: Where can I find the BrightMinds Privacy Policy?

Please refer to the full text of the BrightMinds Privacy Policy.

Q: If I connect, is my personal information private?

Yes, your information will be kept private.

However, in servicing your needs BrightMinds may need to share non-personal or business information with contractors or partners.

Q: Why am I not asked for more information when I connect?

BrightMinds believes in retaining minimal information by only requesting information when necessary.

We will contact you to request additional information as/when it is required or as we qualify your needs.

Q: Will my personal information ever get on a mailing list?

No. BrightMinds will only send a "one-time" invite to each service lead.

Only if someone connects will we communicate with them for contract/business related purposes.

Q: Will my personal information ever be sold to a 3rd party?

No. BrightMinds does not and will never subscribe to this type of business practice.